ECFWA webinar: Better living through psychology

Better living through psychology

Understanding how we think for more effective ag-communication Do you know someone who believes in conspiracies? Ever wonder why there are so many competing groups in the farm sector? Are you convinced a certain colour of tractor is always superior? The human mind is a complex beast, but understanding how it works can help us communicate better with each other – as well as ourselves.

Join us April 20 at 12:30 p.m. as Dr. Nathaniel Barr, researcher and professor of creative thinking and behavioural science at Sheridan College, discusses how we process the world around us, and why sometimes we do and think things which make little sense – from conspiracies and science denialism to misleading communication and poor decision making.

General topics include:

Tribalism – why we fall into it, and ways to avoid doing so.

Meta-cognition (being aware of how you think) – its importance, and what happens when we don't use it.

The impact of expressive language – how it can mislead, and how to avoid it.

From journalism to industry programs, knowing the mind can have a major impact on our effectiveness as communicators.