Self-publishing: A lunch & learn with author Steven Biggs


Self publishing offers writers faster results, more independence, and more money than traditional publishers. Self publishing can also leave writers with boxes of unsold books. That's because it takes a lot of marketing to sell most books.

But Steven Biggs says there is another way: self-publish a book that will practically sell itself—by picking the right niche.

Torontonian Steven Biggs has worked with conventional publishers for two books, and self-published 5 books. Two of his self-published books have won awards; one was a best-seller in Canada, selling over 5,000 copies.

But it's one of his smaller, lesser-known books that he considers his most successful: It's a book that sells itself. The book is on its fourth print run, with almost 1,700 books sold in a very niche topic. Buyers from around the world find the book, even though it's not in any bookstores.