PD Session - Networking Skills

Syngenta Boardroom, 140 Research Lane, Guelph

We all network, all the time. From chatting in line at the supermarket, all the way through to signing up for a speaker luncheon even if you're not interested in the speaker. Some people seem to be a natural at 'networking', others struggle with talking to random strangers in a large room full of unknowns. Regardless of the situation, networking is an important aspect of personal and business development. Part art, part science, effective networking can be learned without turning yourself into 'a salesman who can talk the hind end off a donkey'. This workshop will offer some basic approaches to networking that can be adapted to your personal style, and an opportunity to practice some skills that you can use to network in a variety of situations.

Hugh Maynard has been an agricultural communicator for over 30 years and has managed to network his way around the world. He will share his insights and experience on how to effectively network amongst friends, colleagues, business associates and 'unknowns'.

Registration starts at 4:00pm and the event will start at 4:30. Afterwards, there will be a pay-your-own-way supper.

*There will be an option to join via webinar. This event is FREE on-line or in person for members, $10 in person only for non-members.

Register here: https://quanglo.wufoo.com/forms/ecfwa-pd-session-networking-with-hugh-maynard/